Choosing an online casino might not always be the simplest thing on earth. There are so many different types of casinos today, and also a lot of different games. Here at Bonagames we have a quick look at what kinds of online casinos there are, adventure ones, classic ones, funny ones, luxurious ones or what else there might be.

Our main focus though are the games that are presented and offered by the casino, because appearance and bonuses aside, the most important thing of a casino is the content, what you can actually play on. That’s why me and my friend have decided to launch this website to help you to get through the massive range of casino games that we can find at the market today.


What do we do?

We look after impressions of the games, complaints, praises, glitches etc. and then we try it out ourselves of course before we sit down and write an unbiased review about the game we tried. Of course since there are thousands and thousands of different casino games we haven’t been able to try all of them, but we are doing are best trying to mix the latest and most famous games and some old classics.

When it comes to the casino market today, a big piece is about slot machines. For you don’t know what a slot machine is, it’s the machine where you in a land based casino insert a coin, and you then have four or five spinning wheels and you have to get the matching combination to win. These type of games have become extremely popular since they are according to many players the most exciting ones and they are also the games that do pay out the biggest wins. The world record for biggest win at an online casino is today over €15.000.000 which means that there are enormous wins to claim.

Certainly slot machines are not the only type of game we try. Everything from video poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, keno, bingo, scrap cards, virtual games, 3D games and what else you might find will be listed here at Bonagames. So it’s a good idea to brush up on your online blackjack strategy in advance!

Casino games online vs land based casino games

Today there are two ways of play casino games. The most typical one and most accessibly one is to play casino games with the best odds online. At various online casinos you can find a selected offer of different game types. Some casinos offer over 1500 games while some offer a few hundred. The most common casinos offer 70% of their game range on slots and the rest a mix of video poker, table games, scratch and bingo. But it’s not only in the cyber world we find casino games, because they were actually invented here on the human earth.

Land based casinos are scattered in all different places of the world. Some countries are more restricted while some countries have very free laws when it comes to gambling. The most famous places on earth when it comes to casino are of course Las Vegas in America, Macau in China and Monte Carlo in Monaco. At the land based casinos you can enjoy a great deal of the games you find online, but not all of them. The thrill might be greater when you’re there for real, but with the technical advances with the live casino where you play with a real dealer streamed live from a land based casino and also virtual casinos it might not be long until everyone on earth can feel like they are in the action at a real casino!

There are a massive range of games available at online casinos, making them easily comparable with their bricks and mortar counterparts. We would suggest that you check this website for best casinos offers.

From any location where you have an internet connection you can play slot games, live casino table games with human dealers, video slots action and even online bingo games. In fact, sites such as bingoonline.us can bring the excitement of the bingo hall onto your laptop or mobile device so, you can play from virtually anywhere! It’s a wonder of the modern age!